Programs We Offer

Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP)

Recco Home Care Services is approved to assist you with the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program, also known as CDPAP. Recco has been providing CDPAP services for over a decade and was the first agency of its kind to be approved to provide CDPAP services in Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester Counties.


The CDPAP program allows the consumer/designated representative to administer and assume responsibility for their own care.
The flexibility of this program and the way in which it is administered is what makes it so unique. It promotes independence and gives the consumer a true sense of involvement in the decision making process with his/her own care.

The Consumer/Designated Representative is responsible to:

• Recruit, interview, hire and train their personal assistants.
• Supervise and terminate (if necessary) the personal assistants.
• Schedule and ensure back-up personal assistants.
• Distribute paychecks received from Recco, to their personal assistants.

The Agency is responsible for:

• Ensuring all required documentation is completed on all personal assistants (I-9, W-2, references, etc.)
• Verifying the hours worked are accurate on all personal assistant time sheets.
• Processing personal assistant payroll and issuing paychecks.
• Distributing the paychecks to the consumer to distribute.
Our team of Coordinators, Nurses and administrative staff are knowledgeable in all phases of the CDPAP program and will help you manage this unique and personalized program. Our knowledge and experience in the home care field for over 40 years, has enabled us to become successful leaders in this program.

All of our consumers/designated representatives and personal assistants are fully orientated to the program by our staff. Our staff acts as the liaison between the Department of Social Services or your Managed Care Health Plan, consumer/designated representative and the personal assistants.

Training materials are developed to aid the consumers/designated representative to fully meet their responsibilities in administration of this program.

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